Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My musical boyfriend always comes first.

Ryan Adams
"Young, Sad, High = Songwriting Genius"

This album to this day is still one of my most favorites ever, and contains some of my most favorite songs.

"To Be Young" is by far one of my favorite tunes, and I feel like it connects with me. Having spent so much time young and sad. I listen to a lot of live Ryan, but the studio version of this song never disappoints.

Come Pick Me Up...Ugh. Beautiful.

I can remember when I first got this album, before I ever even saw Ryan in concert. I had only heard "Gold" with it's pop-ness, and liked it enough...but Pixy told me I should "Start" with Heartbreaker, so I bought it and listened to it quickly through before I picked her up and went off to see his toes a few inches from my face at the Catalyst. I can remember thinking that "Lucy" was fairly "noisy" and not caring for it - which is so weird, since now, I can listen to 100 different live versions of it in a row, and will rock out like crazy to it in the car without a care in the world. I think I just didn't have a big appreciation for it until I learned to love him.

Don't ask for the water is such a come down after Lucy, but so perfectly brilliant, I am moved every time. The album finishes off peaceful, and wonderful.

*sigh* I really love this album. I cannot wait for the day I get to hear it on Vinyl with pops and cracks. I definitely need an Austin trip.

1 recording down, 999 to go!

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