Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life List 2.0 - (Things from Dream It. List It. Do It.)

Almost all of these things came from the "Dream It. List It. Do It." book from 43things.com.

Do the 365 days of Self Portraits project on Flickr.
Eat a tequila worm.
Bungee Jump.
Walk across a tightrope.
Take a 50-mile bike ride.
Walk across Hot coals.
March for a cause.
Give a lottery ticket to a stranger.
Serve Xmas or Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter.
Volunteer at a zoo.
Volunteer for the SPCA.
Volunteer for the Library.
Volunteer for a local park or beach.
Give a microloan through Kiva.org
Be an anonymous donor.
Participate in a beach cleanup day.
Sleep on the beach.
Say "Shut up and kiss me."
Spontaneously kiss a stranger.
Say to a taxi driver "Follow that car..." or "...And step on it!"
Dance in the street.
Write on a bathroom wall.
See a concert on a whim.
Throw a public water balloon fight.
Own a house.
Pay off all my student loans.
Pay off all my debts.
Start my own business.
Own a vintage guitar.
Perform in a local musical.
Be a street performer.
Play the steel drums on my 50th birthday.
Give 10% of my income to charity.
Have a spa day.
Go to a health spa for a week.
Get a facial.
Walk a marathon.
Run a mile without stopping.
Do a colon cleanse.
Bicycle 200 miles in a month.
Run a 10k.
Plant a fruit tree.
Eat a fresh fig.
Jump into a huge pile of leaves.
Skip stones across a lake.
Plant a rose garden.
Grow sunflowers.
Eat a piece of fruit right from the tree.
Plant a tree on Arbor Day.
Play chess with the guys at the park.
Feed the ducks.
Have a sunrise picnic.
Make a sock monkey.
Write a children's book.
Have my writing published.
Publish a coffee table book of my photography.
Stencil public property.
Make a papier-mache mask.
Collaborate on an art installation.
Paint with oils.
Choreograph a dance.
Cast a sculpture in bronze.
Carve an ice sculpture.
Tie-dye a T-shirt.
Bury a box of treasures.
Play spin the bottle.
Run through the sprinklers at night.
Slide down a banister.
Twirl a baton.
Make balloon animals.
Roll down a sand dune.
Throw a paper airplane off the Empire State Building.
Blow bubbles in a mall.
Start a food fight.
Play hopscotch with kids I don't know.
Bury a friend in the sand.
Send a singing telegram.
Win a trophy.
Lead a conga line.
Take a famous photo.
Bury a time capsule.
Publish my autobiography.
Scan all my family photos.
Build a snowman.
Build a kite.
Build a clock.
Play paintball.
Bet $100 on black in roulette in Vegas.
Steal a lawn gnome.
Pose nude.
Spray champagne on someone.
Run through sprinklers when I'm 80.
Write my name in wet cement.
Ride a motorcycle.
Visit as many ballparks and stadiums as possible.
Have a tea leaf reading.
Have a phrenology reading.
Have my Tarot cards read.
Get kissed under the mistletoe.
Get checked for skin cancer.
Get an eye exam.

Walk through an orchard.
Go underwater spelunking.
White Water Raft.
Leave town and don't tell anyone.
Go on a yoga retreat.
Visit hot springs.
Snorkel in a coral reef.
Swim in a bioluminescent bay.
See a buffalo.
Run through a field of wildflowers.
Walk on a glacier.
Go to a big gala or charity event dressed to the nines.
Attend a film festival.
Drink tea in a Japanese tea garden.
Attend a poetry reading.
Visit a candy factory.
Go to the opera.
Go to a wine tasting event.
Attend a fashion show.
Go to an afternoon tea.
Attend the symphony.
Go to a pub crawl.
Go for a sleigh ride.
Go on a hay ride.
Go for a horse drawn carriage ride.
Visit a planetarium.
Play bingo.
Show up at the airport with my Passport and a bag and take the next flight.
Go to the Olympic Games.
Throw a dart in the map and go wherever it lands.
Take a hot air balloon ride.

International Destinations:
Ride an elephant in India.
Ride a camel in Egypt.
Walk the Great Wall of China.
Kayak in the Galapagos.
Go on safari in Africa.
Ride the Orient Express.
Go on a walkabout in Australia.
Visit Victoria, British Columbia.
Visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem.
Go to Stonehenge.
Kiss the Blarney Stone.
Have dinner at the Moulin Rouge.
Bicycle in Holland.
Ride a gondola in Venice.
Zipline over the Amazon.
Visit the Forbidden City in Beijing.
See a rugby match in London.
Ride the Chunnel from England to France.
Visit Dracula's Castle.
Samba at Carnival in Brazil.

US Destinations:
Drive the entire Route 66.
Do an Outward Bound wilderness trip.
Go to a juke joint in Mississippi.
Camp in Death Valley.
Dive in the kelp forest of Monterey Bay.
Camp in Yellowstone National Park.
Have a picnic in Joshua Tree.
Camp at Yosemite.
Visit the SF Zoo.
See the Marfa Mystery Lights in Texas.
See Mt. Rushmore.
See the Grand Canyon.
Go to the Rose Bowl.
Take a steamboat down the Mississippi.
See the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Live.
Do a girls only trip to Vegas.
Visit a winery in Napa.
Attend Sundance.
See a NASA shuttle launch.

Whistle with a blade of grass.
Learn to whistle with my fingers.

Learn to drive a stick shift confidently.

Learn to identify at least 5 constellations other than the Dippers & Orion.
Learn more about Mythology.
Learn to hacky sack.
Learn to play bridge.
Learn to pick a lock.

Get another degree.
Take a public speaking class.
Know conversational Spanish.
Sing an entire song in Spanish.
Learn the phonetic alphabet.
Learn shorthand.
Learn to read Hieroglyphics.
Learn Sign Language.
Learn to read Braille.
Learn Calligraphy.

Take a massage class.
Learn Tai Chi.
Learn to do a pushup.
Be able to do pull ups.
Learn to do a handstand.
Learn to swim confidently.

Learn to play the spoons.
Learn to read music (again.)
Learn to play "Heart and Soul" on the piano.
Learn to play Fur Elise.
Learn to quilt.
Learn to make Mosaics.
Learn the art of Bonsai.
Learn pinhole photography.
Take a stained glass making class.
Take a woodworking class.
Take a jewelry making class.
Take a flower arranging class.
Take an acrylic painting class.
Take a pottery class.
Learn to sew with a sewing machine.
Learn to blow glass beads.
Learn to silk screen.

Learn to knit.
Learn to crochet.
Learn ceramics.

Learn to make a great cup of coffee.
Roast a duck.
Make baked Alaska.
Make yogurt.
Take a knife skills class.
Grill pineapple.
Make jam.
Prepare a flambe.
Deep fry a pickle.
Make gnocchi.
Make egg rolls.
Learn to make Soul food.
Make my own spaghetti sauce.
Make risotto.
Learn to cook chinese food.
Crystallize Creme Brulee with a blowtorch
Bake my own bread.
Make a cookbook of family recipes
Make Samosas
Make biscuits
Make a gingerbread house from scratch
Make Pad Thai
Make a souffle
Learn to cook osso buco
Crystallize flowers
Learn to make curry
Learn more about spices
Make hummus from scratch
Take a cake decorating class.

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