Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm just not indie enough.

Exile in Guyville
Phair, Liz
The Indie Rock Exile

Here is another album I borrowed along the way. Another artist that I had an album from (Liz Phair), and another with more albums on my Ipod that I've never heard all the way through. One or two songs may have appeared on shuffle, but she certainly wasn't an artist that I searched out for, or found myself longing for.

After listening and reading the article about why it's supposedly so phenomenal, I realized I should probably listen to it a few more times for it's powerful lyrics. Having it on as background music while I was working didn't leave me feeling warm musically at the end of the album. She is amazing and powerful, and I can see the "Rolling Stone rockers" and how her self named album was a bit of a sell out in comparison...but it's just not me. Anyway, this one is on the Ipod, and in shuffle, and I'm not opposed to listening to it again. Glad I spent some time to hear it.

5/1000 down!

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