Wednesday, October 31, 2007

P30 and Travel

In a folder in front of me is a paid reservation for whale watching, booked itineraries to Vegas in December, Denver in January and Austin in February and tickets to a St. Louis Blues vs Sharks hockey game in March. Oh is happening.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Project 30 Official List

Project 30 Official List:

Vegas & Spice Girls
Whale Watching

Hangar One Tour
Seals at Ano Nuevo
Monterey Bay Aquarium

Wicked w/ Maria
Austin & Bullriding

Secret Stencil Mission

Broadway Show in NYC
Museums in DC
Horseback Riding in Half Moon Bay

Train to San Diego
Spa Day
Art Show at my House

Berry Picking
Dance Classes
Limo in Napa

Baseball Game #1
Multi-Course Dinner

Baseball Game #2

Football Game

October & November:
Clean up Months.
Complete anything that hasn't been completed.

Gun Shooting
B&W Pictures
Vodka Display
Frames for Pictures

For use at my choosing at anytime I remember "Oh yeah, I wanted to do that" and want to count it towards the project

Rules, Regulations, Stipulations, Explanations, Fine Print, Exceptions, Excuses, etc.
Goal is to launch the project on December 1, 2007 and complete the project by December 1, 2008, with the "13th month" allowed if absolutely needed. Right now the goal is to be done in 10 months, allowing for 2 months for rescheduling by very booked Spring activities due to unseen events. Notice Skydiving and Scubadiving dropped, as they were unrealistic project goals and bigger than the scope of the idea, being larger fears that need to be dealt with individually. Added since last discussion are Hangar One, Guns, the Aquarium, Ano Nuevo, and Disneyland, as well as the wild card concept. I reserve the right to change, modify, edit, bitch, complain, rearrange, etc. this list because it's mine and just mine and if you don't like it, I don't care so there. But yeah, come play with me, it should be fun. ;)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Project 30: Progress Update

I have flight numbers and times and plans in the works for almost confirming Austin in February. A Bull has been found in San Antonio.

I now have amazing seats for the Sharks vs Blues hockey game on March 14. Expensive Seats. 2 of them. Maybe i will have a sports loving boyfriend by then. No future football or baseball tickets available since the seasons are still going on.

I have begin planning NYC and DC. It seems smarter to do 1 long east coast trip and hit both on the same plane ticket. I'd like to be in DC sometime during the end of March, beginning of April for the Cherry Blossom festival, but I also wanted to be in New Jersey for the likely Poltz family show in May. Decisions, Decisions. But either way, it seems like it will be about a 10 day trip, 4 nights in NYC, 2 in PA and then 3 in DC, flying home the last day. No solid plans or decisions except actually, really investigating what I want to do and when I want to go.

Hangar One has tours of its distillery in Alameda on Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm. I'm looking at January for this. Any weekends definitely out for anyone who wants to go?

Horseback riding on the cliffs in Half Moon Bay will probably be in the spring as well. It's $60 each for a 2 hour ride, and $20 for the group for a guide. (Or only $35 each if you go at 8am!) Is there anyone who wants to do this with me?

Whale Watching has humpbacks right now, and tons of dolphins. I want to go SOON. Maybe December 1 or earlier depending on who I can get to go when. A 4 hour cruise in Monterey Bay is $42 and parking is $3. Who's in and what are your date preferences for a Saturday or Sunday at 10:30am?

People have jumped on the berry-picking but we'll schedule that in Spring.

The gun-toting looks to be picked up by antiproton and cuz, so I'll coordinate that further there.

I wrote down all the sizes for frames I need.

I tried to figure out what Ipod I want based on my music collection and think I know now. That will definitely be magically in December, or much closer to my birthday.

I can get 3 private dance lessons, 1 series class or four drop-in classes, 1 free dance party for Only $159!

For the train ride, I'd like to go from Paso Robles (only about a 2 hr drive) to San Diego on the Pacific Surfliner with a group of friends, spend the night in SD and take the train back the next day. The train alone is about $170.

Multi-course meal will definitely be in SF. I'd expect to spend about $250 for myself for this.

Spa Day should be about $350. I need to pick a spa, I started looking. It will likely be a 2 part experience, with the spa stuff and then the hair stuff.

Limos in Napa are about $80 an hour for 6 hours and can take 6-8 people. I'm thinking probably spring again.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Unofficial Draft of 30 things list

Currently 25 potential things on the list
Some of these may drop, and I obviously need a few more, but this is a good first pass and I have to get this stuff off my mirror so I can actually use it.

SJ vs STL Hockey (Jan or March 2008)
SF vs STL Baseball
SF vs SD Baseball
SF vs STL Football (Fall 2008)

Spice Girls in Vegas w/ Maria and Brian
Wicked in Hollywood w/ Maria
Mechanical Bull riding w/ Shannon & Carence on Vday in Austin
Winetasting in a limo in Napa
Berry picking in Davenport
NYC to see a Broadway Show
Washington DC for pictures and Museums
Horseback riding on the beach
Full Spa Day w/ Massage, Body Scrub, Facial, Manicure & Pedicure, Haircut
Train ride on the coast
Whale Watching
Scuba Diving

Frames for all my nice & signed prints
Vodka cabinet

Other random
Very classy, printable, hanging in my house for eternity, showable to my Dad B&W nude pictures
Art show, even cocktail party in my house
Stealth Stencil Mission
Ballroom Dance Class
Multicourse Meal w/ Wine Pairing at a swanky restaurant

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Celebrating 30 years of ME

I love being me. Yup.  I do.

So there I was, sitting on this bar, directing fur clad ex-citizens of BRC to shuffle into some organization while buying their tickets into Decompression when this guy walks up and sticks out this bumper sticker and asks if it applies to me. I say yup, in fact, it really does, and I take it and continue on. I didn't even wait until I got home to stick it on, I put it right on top of a summer's worth of dirt on the opposite side of my bumper from my "Keep Santa Cruz Weird" sticker. I fucking love my new sticker. Why? Because well, I'm realizing I really do love me. I'm much different than anyone in my life. Most of my friends float between different groups, and I, myself, am fringe on many circles, and generally float solo and free. It actually rocks more and more as I realize the power in realizing it. If that makes sense. I'm really starting to embrace how much I rock.

Anyway, what's this mean to you? Why am I babbling on full of myself? Well, I turn 30 next year. After talking to a friend or two about the expectations to have some big landmark event, and pressuring myself for years to go to South America or some launching world travel trip '"by the time I am thirty", I have settled on something far better. 30 events, purchases, trips, or etc that I have always wanted to do, attend, or own. This gives you 30 chances to participate in my celebration, me a chance to complete a lifetime of "I wants" and a full year of memories to look back on instead of one event.

I started brainstorming about a week ago, and now on my mirror I have a list of 16 things that I want to do. All are very me and things that I have talked about wanting more than once and I am certain I can complete this next year with some minor planning. So I thought to kick off this event, and while I brainstorm to complete the list, I thought I'd see if you could guess any of the things on my all time want list. If you guess something that is on my list already OR happen to name something that really should be on my list and even I forgot I wanted it that bad, then YOU win a prize. If you happen to have talked with me about this in the past week, I have asked you already to one of the events, or you have seen my bathroom mirror list, you are not eligible to participate. What's the prize? Well, I guess it depends on what you guess. I'd like to keep it related to the event(s) you know me for. So if you happen to figure something out, maybe it's a free ticket to go with me, or a postcard back from that place. You just have to play to see now won't you?

The kickoff to this adventure will be December 8th, when , and I will all journey to Las Vegas and start the year of our 30th birthday celebrations dancing to the Spice Girls. Now really, you can't go wrong with Brian, Maria and Vegas. Add the Spice Girls reunion tour, and man, Yay, I'm in. (Brian and I did Britney a few years ago, and it will go down as awesome forever, no matter what a crack head she turns into.) What else will this next year bring? I'm not completely sure...but what do you think?

No matter how long you have been reading me, or how well you know me...i'd love to have you complete this sentence as me.

"I've always wanted...."