Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I like tall places.

I recently heard on the news about the Washington Monument being closed indefinitely due to earthquake damage and was so saddened by that. I traveled to Washington DC as part of the original Project 30 and fell in love with the Free Museums, monuments and this one particular Mexican restaurant that had the best tortilla soup. I was also lucky enough to get up early enough one day to get in line to score a free ticket to the inside and up to the top of the Washington Monument. After having a special moment at the Statue of Liberty and including many of the tall buildings in New York on my trip storming the east, I found myself setting aside my fear of heights and drawn to high places with great views. I felt like this monument was something I couldn't miss. After hearing the news of the closure, it made me even more thankful that I had made that effort to get up that day, even with a persistent cold!

Did you know that inside is a brick made of a piece of native stone or granite from each state? As you rise in the elevator, you see out the window shows you the names of the states and the changing textures. It was beautiful. The entire experience was beautiful. It is an iconic monument for this country, and I'm glad I got to visit it.

Washington Monument

Washington Monument & Reflecting Pool

Top of the Washington Monument

Top of the Washington Monument

You can read more about the Washington Monument on Wikipedia.

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