Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Independence Hall

Me in front of Independence Hall

Sandwiched between 2 Project 30 adventures (NYC & DC), I visited Philadelphia by train in April 2008 to see the birthplace of democracy. Originally thinking I would be a politician, I spent a lot of my years in college thinking about political theory, and found myself giddy to be in the city of brotherly love. Unfortunately, while I spent a large part of my few days in Philly in bed at the hotel knocked out on Nyquil, the small size of the town and the relative close locations of things left me able to see plenty of the sites I came to see.

0804 1436

One of those sites high on the list was Independence Hall. (Independence Hall is not only on the World Heritage Location List, but also one of the "1,000 Places to See" both in the US and Internationally, knocking off a slot on 3 lists once again. Also as a member of the National Park Service, adds to my collection there.) I was so excited about my chance to see this place, that I had booked my tour ticket months in advance to secure my ability to tour inside the rooms where the founding fathers of our nation debated the future. Having found myself immersed in the John Adams series playing at that time on HBO, the past seemed even closer to be walking through the hall.

0804 1447

Being in Philadelphia really effected me. From seeing the Liberty Bell, to seeing an amazing video at the Constitution center that reminded me what an amazing time we are living in. After coming from New York, and having such a dramatic reaction to the Statue of Liberty, this town really cemented for me that I was proud to be alive in these true times of change. I spent a lot of my time on the train from Philly to DC writing about my experience, but a sad computer ate the whole thing. I still think sometimes about the thoughts that poured out of my head and fingers in those hours after I left that town. Independence Hall was truly an inspiring place.

I also was able to visit the Liberty Bell, the famous LOVE sign (which I also saw a replica of in Tokyo), Betsy Ross' house, and many more historic places. The only place I missed seeing was the Philadelphia Art museum and the famous Rocky steps, but you always have to leave some reason to go back right?

0804 1530 52 Weeks: Week 20: Liberty.

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